IG Publishing – Sales Closure with NIAS

The Library and Information Center of NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, based in Denmark, has selected the full collection of ISEAS (The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies) eBook titles to complement the high-quality  Asian studies content it makes available to the Nordic Asian Studies community This will provide insights from authoritative authors based in Asia, on socio-political, security, and economic trends and developments in Southeast Asia. The materials will be made available through the IG Publishing eBook platform to Nordic NIAS Council (NNC) member institutions across Nordic countries, via the AsiaPortal. The AsiaPortal functions both as a common access to information resources on Asia for the Nordic Asian studies community and as a platform for news and information about Nordic research and, foremost academic, activities on Asia in the Nordic region.

About NIAS – NIAS was established under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1968 as a Nordic focal point for research on Asia, and serves all five Nordic countries, comprising Denmark (including Greenland and Faroe Islands), Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. <www.nias.du.dk>

About ISEAS – ISEAS was established in Singapore by an Act of Parliament in 1968, and nurtures and promotes scholarly research focused on Asian studies. <www.iseas.edu.sg>

Incidentally, both NIAS and ISEAS are celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year.