RemoteXs Case Study: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

Case Study



Sun Pharma-Product department wanted to utilise its marketing funds to give quality subscribed content to 600 Diabetologists across India. The idea has brought about a significant change in the core marketing model of the pharma industry.

After selection of Publisher’s content, there were few crucial points which needed to be answered to make project successful-

  1. A cost-effective platform to host all the E-content which have static IP to provide seamless access to the doctors.

  2. The doctors who were mostly private practitioners were not staying at one location and to remove the location barrier was crucial.

  3. Single point login for the authentication on the platform and access contents.


The above mentioned queries had come to one of our esteemed partners who was handling content part with the same project of Sun Pharma, and they gave them the idea of RemoteXs.

After product demonstration and validation with references,  Sun Pharma chose Eclat’s RemoteXs platform to provide single window access for subscribed e-Resources to the Diabetologists across India. Apart from cost-effectiveness, cloud-based and SSO authentication, the decision makers were impressed with usage analytics, live chat support, email-based information dissemination, security and access control features. RemoteXs has transformed e-resource access for users, making it available 24 X 7 and more cost-effective, while exponentially increasing usage of subscribed e-Content.

RemoteXs allows Product Department of Sun Pharma to create their own Digital Portal with subscribed content for doctors with facilities to reach their target audiences in an efficient manner.


The RemoteXs platform allowed Sun Pharma to implement its new marketing strategy effectively and efficiently. They would also be able to track the usage behaviour of Doctors and also suggestions of related keywords directly on their email. The whole process is significantly increasing access and reachability to subscribed e-Resources to the Diabetologists doctors.

As Diabetologists project succeeded, Sun Pharma Product department has opted the same system for Cardiologists across India also.