WIPS Global is a web-based Intellectual Property platform for searching and analyzing global patents. WIPS stands for Worldwide Intellectual Property Search and the database covers patents from 96 Countries and includes over 150 million patents.

WIPS is the premier patent database for Asian patents and includes the full-text of Chinese, Korean and Japanese patents. Users may search in the native language or alternatively enable expert machine translation and search in English.

The database also covers the full-text of  US, EU, German, UK, French, Russian, and Indian patents and the bibliographic information for other global patents.

Expert tools and functionality are included to help users analyse and review data. WIPS Global can be used for:

  • Acquiring worldwide patent information of existing patented technologies for research or at pre - application stage.

  • Understanding patent trends by monitoring the status of competitors’ international patents.

  • Collecting basic data for establishing licensing strategy and responding to disputes using patent citation information.

  • Understand the strategy and changes in Intellectual Property Rights through comparison of families and claims.

  • Supporting patent strategies using multilateral statistical analysis

  • Increasing work efficiency by using personalisation functions